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Wireless Call box: Why didn’t I get one sooner?

When my house was remodeled, I found it a good opportunity to switch to a wireless call box from my old wired intercom system. Rerouting and hiding the wires from the gate to the house was just too complicated and costly. I was also getting tired of the noisy audio from my intercom. So I got a MURS Wireless Call Box XT Outdoor Intercom and paired it up with a MURS Multi-Mile Two-way Handheld Radio, which I always put in my pocket so I can answer the callbox from wherever I am in the house. I don’t have to leave my tasks anymore to answer the intercom. The system has such a long range that I can even answer the gate while jogging around the neighborhood!

I first used a wireless call box when I opened a small store. To save on salary costs, I tended the cash register while one sales clerk roamed around the store to help customers. I installed a wireless callbox so customers can ask for assistance whenever the sales clerk is not in sight. Later on, I decided to limit my display to save on store space and avoid store theft. I hired another staff for the stockroom and the callbox is now being used to ensure that the displays shelves are constantly refilled. The staff has also become more efficient because I can easily send them to where they are needed.

When I got this for the house, I also decided to replace the old one I had at the store.  I got the MURS Indoor Customer Service Wireless Call Box for the store, which is way cheaper than the one I have at home and with a better sound quality and larger range than my old unit. There’s also an outdoor version for this product.

When I think about my old and noisy wired intercom before, and how many callers at the gate I’ve missed because the receiver was out of reach, I ask myself, “Why didn’t I get a wireless call box sooner?”