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Wireless Call box: Why didn’t I get one sooner?

When my house was remodeled, I found it a good opportunity to switch to a wireless call box from my old wired intercom system. Rerouting and hiding the wires from the gate to the house was just too complicated and costly. I was also getting tired of the noisy audio from my intercom. So I got a MURS Wireless Call Box XT Outdoor Intercom and paired it up with a MURS Multi-Mile Two-way Handheld Radio, which I always put in my pocket so I can answer the callbox from wherever I am in the house. I don’t have to leave my tasks anymore to answer the intercom. The system has such a long range that I can even answer the gate while jogging around the neighborhood!

I first used a wireless call box when I opened a small store. To save on salary costs, I tended the cash register while one sales clerk roamed around the store to help customers. I installed a wireless callbox so customers can ask for assistance whenever the sales clerk is not in sight. Later on, I decided to limit my display to save on store space and avoid store theft. I hired another staff for the stockroom and the callbox is now being used to ensure that the displays shelves are constantly refilled. The staff has also become more efficient because I can easily send them to where they are needed.

When I got this for the house, I also decided to replace the old one I had at the store.  I got the MURS Indoor Customer Service Wireless Call Box for the store, which is way cheaper than the one I have at home and with a better sound quality and larger range than my old unit. There’s also an outdoor version for this product.

When I think about my old and noisy wired intercom before, and how many callers at the gate I’ve missed because the receiver was out of reach, I ask myself, “Why didn’t I get a wireless call box sooner?”


Wireless Camera : 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Buy One

Wireless camera is a convenient security device where you can install anywhere in your property without worrying about loose wires. There are several benefits of having a wireless camera installed in your premises. Some buyers go for cost efficiency and others go for its easy-installation options. To find out more of its advantages, here are some of the benefits you can get in this feature-packed device.

1.    No holes to drill and wires to install. Most security cameras need to drill holes on the wall and get a mounting kit just to install them. Although this is something most people are used to do, this can consume a lot of time assembling and fixing the wires. A  wireless camera can be directed in whatever angle you want. Without the wires, you don’t have to worry about long ugly wires hanging on the wall. This makes it easier for you to install your camera in any location you want without thinking about connecting into an electric outlet. And for security purposes, you can hide it anywhere in your property, without the big black wire dangling on the wall.

2.   Durable yet inexpensive. Wireless Outdoor Color Security Camera have weather proof aluminum machined body. It also has 10 feet 8 IR LED for night operation. Most security cameras need to have other tools and accessories just to get it working. This is definitely an added expense considering you still have to hire someone to install them.
3.   Flexible. Nothing beats the convenience and flexibility of having a wireless camera. You can install them anywhere, program and customize the settings anyway you like it. Wireless Color Mini Pinhole Camera can be AC or battery operated and can range up to 300’. Some products have options wherein you can use it with a wireless callbox and even a baby monitor system. Other wireless cameras like 7″ Wireless Video Monitor Digital Camera System can simultaneously monitor up to a maximum of 4 digital wireless cameras. You can connect them to a TV, VCR, DVR and large screen observation system using RCA and BNC jacks.

So if you are thinking of buying a security device for your establishment, choose a device that’s easy to install. It will absolutely save you time and money. Whether you install it at home or in your business property, you can surely depend on wireless camera for its proven security system, durability and flexibility.